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Matt Furkan Kocer

Matt Furkan Kocer

The Heart-Wrenching Truth About Thumbtack: Is It the Ultimate Lead Generation Tool for Your Window and Door Business?

As window and door marketing experts, we understand the importance of finding the right tools to help grow your business. That’s why we want to introduce you to Thumbtack, an online directory that connects users with local service providers for a variety of projects including home improvement services like window and door installation. Thumbtack is an excellent resource for window and door companies looking to expand their online marketing efforts and improve their local SEO.

Coins outlineThere’s no charge to join, no annual fees, and no membership fees. 
Customer review outlineHear from customers who choose you, with high intent to hire. 
Call center outline1:1 help that is easily accessible, and a simple, flexible refund policy. 

Founded on August 2008

“The company has raised $275 million, money that the company plans to use to build out a home management and maintenance business alongside its network of home services professionals. Co-founder and CEO Marco Zappacosta confirmed that the round values Thumbtack at $3.2 billion. For some context, this is nearly double the valuation Thumbtack had when it last raised money, a $150 million round led by Sequoia in 2019. It also comes on the heels of a strong 2020, where its revenue grew more than 50%. Thumbtack’s gross revenue (what is paid in service fees, not Thumbtack’s cut) is now on track, it says, to cross $2 billion this year (2021).


When considering your marketing plan for your window and door company, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of using Thumbtack. Some advantages include the Instant Match feature, which automatically sends quotes to homeowners, and the option to pay for a subscription and receive leads at a discounted rate. However, it’s important to note that you don’t see the cost of a lead until after it has been charged, and there have been reports of poor customer service and fake customer messages. Additionally, the prices for using Thumbtack have been known to increase, making it less profitable for some businesses.

Pros of Using Thumbtack for your Window and Door Business 

Social network outlineConsiderable reports of successful connections with homeowners leading to profitable jobs.
Quotes outlineThumbtack’s Instant Match feature automatically sends quotes to homeowners for pre-selected job types. 
Target Audience outlineYou can pay a subscription to buy leads automatically at a 20% discount (resulting leads still need to be tested) 

Cons of Using Thumbtack for your Window and Door Business

Iceberg outlineYou do not get to see how much you will pay for a lead until after it is charged. 
Thumbs Down outlineReports of bad customer service and there have been reports of paying for messages from fake customers. 
Supply And Demand outlinePrices continually rise making the system less profitable, especially after abandoning the credits system. 
Money outlineYou pay for communications, not leads. If a customer replies to tell you they are going with someone else, you still pay for the message. 
Climbing with solid fillYou must pay to boost your ranking, but if you do you will automatically buy all leads that qualify depending on the preferences you set up.

Check out other Window and Door Installers that are currently on Thumbtack 

What Other Businesses has to Say 

To get a better understanding of Thumbtack, it’s helpful to read reviews from other businesses. Some have had positive experiences, citing successful connections with homeowners and helpful customer service. Others have had negative experiences, complaining about a lack of customer service and wasted money on fake leads.

Latest 5-Star Review

“I’ve used thumbtack for years, and never had an issue that they did not resolve in a timely manner. Sometimes I would get the wrong leads when I brought them to their attention. They rectified the situation. Better than yelp which charges 30.00 a lead on a 100.00 dollar bid that I refuse to pass on to customers or Angie leads that want a 150.00 membership fee in addition to lead cost. If you don’t know how to use the app, customer service is there to help. The success team is there every day in your app. They are open to changes in your lead-to-fee ratio if you communicate. I completely recommend Thumbtack. Roods Locksmith LLC. “

Products used: Pro lead service 

“Best app for leads”
Dennis R. 

Latest 1-Star Review

“This company, by far, is the worst lead generation. They are so cheap that they don’t even have a live person responding to your concerns. I have given them over $5000 so far, and they deactivated my account by mistake, and it has been two weeks. After many emails and sending help on their website, still no news. I lost all my contact and leads.”

Tip for consumers:  if you want to waste your money sign up with them 

Products used:  I have a cleaning business and I was looking to have leads from Thumbtack 

“No customer service- Just take your money”
Maggie R. 

Incorporating Thumbtack into your marketing plan for your window and door company will depend on your specific business needs and goals. As window and door marketing professionals, we recommend considering all the available options and thoroughly researching before making a decision.


In conclusion, Thumbtack is a valuable resource for window and door companies looking to expand their online marketing efforts and improve their local SEO. While it offers advantages like the Instant Match feature and the option to pay for discounted leads, it’s important to carefully consider the potential drawbacks, such as hidden lead costs and reports of poor customer service. By reading reviews and thoroughly researching all available options, window and door companies can make an informed decision on whether Thumbtack is the right fit for their marketing plan.

Windows and Doors Marketing Pros would like to recommend you to be on this platform regardless of whether they help provide you with leads or not. 

If you are found on different notable platforms with a reputation that relates to your business and that is growing (such as Thumbtack), you’ll improve your SEO marketing and other marketing efforts as your business continues to grow.

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