The Client


Client Industry

Window & Door Installer


South Florida

The Challenge

American Impact Windows & Doors is an established business for more than 30 years. They have a goal of a consistent stream of revenue. But they weren’t achieving the growth they wanted despite their marketing efforts.

Their existing marketing agency was unresponsive and unable to make them get to the next level.

That’s when they decided to partner with Windows and Doors Marketing Pros. Find out how we used our comprehensive Digital Dominance Method to help American Impact Windows and Doors scale their business and bring more leads to their table.

What We Did

Increased Organic Visitors
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Increased Website Traffic​
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Reduced Cost per Lead
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Customers are more inclined to call if you give them a reason to. Additionally, your USPs set you apart from competitors.

Building quickly on trust with potential clients was made easier by positioning the brand in the site’s upper left corner

CTAs (Call-to-Action) that are clear, and spell out exactly what you want potential clients to do next. This is obviously one of the most important variables in raising conversion


5 Step Plan to Success

1. Local Search Strategy

Customers are more likely to find your company through organic search when you have a solid local search strategy based on your market, demographic, and keywords.

2. Website Design

Great websites for home services companies are conversion-focused. To generate the most leads and revenue, we build our websites with the end user in mind and optimize them for search engines.

3. Content Development

Helpful content rich with important keywords you want to rank for helps you build trust with your ideal customers as well as with search engines.

4. PPC, Social Media, & Pay Per Lead

When clients search for your services, you can appear in the sponsored listings at the top of search results pages thanks to paid search engine marketing.

5. Precision KPI Tracking

Key performance indicators (KPIs) tracking and measurement enable us to constantly fine-tune your sponsored and organic initiatives for the highest return on investment.



“I have worked with Emil and American Impact Windows & Doors not only as having them be a customer of ours and distributing our product at Exclusive Wood Doors but having also used to replace all my aluminum impact windows & doors on my personal house. I did an extensive remodel in my house and in today's world dealing with vendors/contractors is extremely difficult and stressful, if only everyone made the process as easy and smooth as they did for me! Highly recommend anyone looking to get impact windows/doors give them a call!

Nicholas Nisenbaum
Track & Measure KPIs​

PPC & Social Media Advertising

The success of our PPC and social media efforts for American Impact Windows & Doors has been largely attributed to the tracking and measurement of key performance indicators. We were able to attain the highest results and return on investment by routine split-testing and fine-tuning.

American Impact and Doors were able to see their monthly spending and expected ROI thanks to our simple dashboard. Just a few of the KPIs we monitor and optimize for include click-through rate, cost per click, and the number of leads

ppc retargeting
Generate More Calls & Leads​

SEO Optimization

American Impact Windows and Doors’ freshly updated website received strong backlinks as part of our SEO plan, which increased their domain authority and helped them rank better in search results. To make sure the business name and address were the same online, we audited their citations. Our organic search strategy also includes creating a responsive website and content that is keyword-optimized.

Manage the Perception

Consistent Branding

Any effective digital marketing strategy heavily relies on strong branding. She claimed the new website the Windows and Doors Marketing Pros team developed for American Impact Windows and Doors was a true “home run” for them because it matched exactly what they said they valued and it looked professional. American Impact Windows and doors underwent a rebranding. The professionalism and consistent branding led to a significant increase in calls and leads generated through organic search.

The notion that American Impact Windows and Doors is a respected business that customers can trust in their homes and can feel comfortable recommending to others was reinforced via personalized team images, consistent unique selling propositions (USPs), highlighted reviews, and a branded membership plan.


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